Pay For Click Advertising

Having the most beautiful website with expensive visual effects, flash, movies, audio in the background, and other gimmicks won't get you very far if nobody ever sees it!

One of the most commonly made mistakes in internet marketing is thinking that if you develop the world's greatest website that it will produce substantial revenue on it's own. We can tell you from experience it won't do anything but leave a big hole in your pocket and make you wonder one painful day at a time why nothing is happening.

Instead, having a good looking website that is "Converison Friendly" is the key. What is "Conversion Friendly?" This term refers to the ability of a website to quickly convert visitors into legitimate "I gotta pick up the phone and call them right now" leads. While a conversion friendly website is a necessary first step, an almost immediate second step once the website is done is to establish a way to get people to the website.

This is where pay for click advertising comes into play. Because organic search engine optimization can take weeks or even months to become fully functional, and because it is virtually impossible to guarantee you will ever be within the top three spots most often clicked on organically, the best way to promote your site is with a well planned pay for click strategy.

Our pay for click advertising will get you onto the front page of the major search engines, often within less than 2 weeks, and best of all, you don't spend any money unless people actually go to your website! In addition you get our award winning pay-for-click monitoring system free with any plan that allows you to monitor how many times your ad was shown, how many times people went to your website, what pages they went to, and if you choose, our system can even record the phone calls produced by the advertising in order to prove exactly where your leads are coming from and selectively monitor your staff!

Due to our large volume of pay for click sales we also have special relationships with the search engines which allows us to make your dollars spent go further thanks to our wholesale bulk buying power. We also have special tools that we have developed in order to create the best pay for click ads possible in order to optimize click through ratios and increase the amount of traffic to your site while saving you money.

If you are ready to take your business to new heights, pay for click advertising in one of the fastest and most powerful tools for any business. Give us a call today to find out more!

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